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Box Office Update: Avatar 2 is now the 4th highest grossing movie ever

A quick update for you as Avatar The Way of Water continues to be the fourth highest grossing worldwide release of all time. This, plus its international gross, will make it the fourth highest grossing global release. That means James Cameron is now responsible for three of four of the highest grossing movies ever made. Puss in Boots is continuing the slow burn release that has now reached over $300 million worldwide. This is quite impressive considering the movie’s domestic opening of just $12 million.The Tom Hanks star A Man Called Otto 02001010is continuing to get strong word of mouth. This film is showing that even middle-of-the-road reviews (including a 5/10 by Chris Bumbray) don’t derail the public’s love for this relatively positive dramedy. I enjoyed the movie immensely after seeing it a few weeks ago. It was not the greatest movie ever made. No. It was a good palate cleanser for big action films. Although I do remember hearing the bass from

Avatar which was playing in the theater next to mine!There is actually an interesting story developing in France where

Babylon became the first movie to beat Avatar: The Way of Water at the box office. As most of us know, Babylon


has been a massive bomb at the domestic box office, only taking in around $15 million since its release. Surprisingly, the film, which seems so American in its story about old Hollywood, is doing well outside the United States. The film Damien Chazelle will not be able to recoup its production budget with a budget of $80 million and just $31 million in worldwide revenues. This movie has the potential to be a cult favorite once it hits home video. I believe it will also reach a wider audience if it is available in a 3 hour, 9 minute format that people can pause at their leisure. It was definitely a factor in the film’s failure, as well as a few plot threads that seemed illogical. However, I believe the film has the potential to be a cult hit once it hits home video. The Pathaan is expected to open with a $6 million opening, while the Left behind: Rise of the Antichrist 10is projected to open for just over $2 million. Brandon Cronenberg’s Infinity pool will open with $3 million. It is a limited theatrical release, which was edited to attain an R rating. Chris Bumbray, our own Sundance Film Festival participant, was able to see the complete NC-17 cut and gave it an 8/10 rating. The Chinese sequel

The Sundance Film Festival has revealed the first image from Brandon Cronenberg's sci-fi thriller Infinity Pool. Starring Mia Goth

Wandering Earth II could also make the top ten. This weekend, the BillieEilish: Live at 02 10concert film and the Chinese sequel Wandering Earth II 10 could both see $1.3 million in weekend sales. Did you see the R-rated Infinity pool, ? Was it too violent for you? We’d love to hear from you in the comments. Tomorrow we will have a complete rundown of this weekend’s box office numbers.

Movies & Shows - Show Biz clinic originally published at Movies & Shows - Show Biz clinic