Miami South Beach Vacation – Major Style

Tanya recently took another vacation, this time to Miami. She stayed at the luxurious 1 Hotel in South Beach and filmed the entire trip to give you an idea of what South Beach is really all about.

The 1 Hotel not only has a location in South Beach but also several in New York City. It’s known for it’s unique and tasteful decor, helpful staff, and great views. The South Beach location that Tanya stayed at certainly lived up to her expectations. In addition to being right on the ocean she was able to get a great view of the fast pace life in the city of Miami from the rooftop. As many of you are no doubt already aware Tanya has kids, which of course she brought with her. The 1 Hotel was completely kid friendly and it made all the difference in the world on her vacation.

STK is a restaurant located inside the 1 Hotel that is hailed as one of the sexiest modern steakhouses to hit the shores of South Beach. STK is a modern, chic steakhouse whose energy is matched and reflected by the Magic City itself. In addition to having some of best steak in the entire city they also serve up signature cocktails and often have a live DJ spinning records.

While staying in the hotel she rented a cabana on the beach and was served food and drinks while she soaked up the sun and watched the waves crash on the shore. She said one of the best things about the cabana was that it was really quite private. For her, it was the best of both worlds. They had different vendors roaming the beaches as well, selling their wares as they hopped from cabana to cabana.

She also ate at Grill Fish, which is known as a South Beach legend. Grillfish is a casual, moderately-priced restaurant, specializing in fresh, grilled seafood, pasta and even recently began serving up steak and chops. The restaurant is dominated by its “signature” oversized, floor-to-ceiling, mural extending the entire wall behind the large stone bar. The bars are ornately decorated with massive mirrors, large columns and a multitude of glowing candles. In other words, it’s a beautiful restaurant with amazing food and Tanya found her dining experience to be everything she hoped for and more.

She also had sushi at the Lure restaurant and a dinner at Loews. Another two restaurants with to die for food. She spent a day at the adult pool and another day at a pool with a spectacular ocean view. Tanya was pretty happy with the morning brunch options offered by the hotel as well. Her only real complaint was room service. Not to say that it was sub-par, but compared to all the amazing food she had been eating it didn’t really make the cut.

The hotel’s rooftop bar which is where she got a view of the city from as well as having a few of their signature cocktails. Her experience in Miami is one she will never forget and would definitely recommend the 1 Hotel to anyone traveling that way. Regardless of what hotel you choose to stay at though a visit to Miami is going to be an epic experience. There is a reason it’s been called “The Magic City” for so many years.

If you have any travel stories from Miami, or any other go-to destination you’d like to share please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.