MAAJI SACRED FAUNA Swim Resort 2021 Collection – PARAISO Miami Beach 2020 – Fashion Channel

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The designs are inspired by nature, the jungle, and it’s unique animals, a tribe that takes care of the sacred fauna; the collection is broken up into six colorful groups varying from bright, neon-like tones to calming neutrals and whispering pastels to crisp, clean primary colors.

Some of the key elements of this new collection are:

-Placement prints: which are localized prints, handmade and custom made.

-Contrast light and dark hues for trans-seasonal appeal: This trend is vital, as concepts
of trans-seasonal design become more widespread, traditional winter hues will become
more relevant for summer ranges, and vice versa. Versatile tones that can work beyond
one season will be key, adding a sense of longevity to designs. Solid color swimsuits that
enhance your shape.

-Pretty Feminine: Maaji wants their #RealMermaids to feel good. The key of this trend is
to play with proportion, creating exaggerated shapes that will work well for beach-to-bar
looks creating #beyondthebeach garments and styling.

-Loud basics & more Colors than ever: Simple silhouettes with single-color statements!
Featuring the most relevant 2021 spring Pantone colors.

-Animal Print: Some trends never go out of style, as the animal prints; expect many
leopard and zebra patterns with a Maajical mix of colors and eclectic twist.

-POP kitsch: Swimwear with kitsch elements, using bold brights and tongue-in-cheek
graphics to create playful, over-the-top designs. Simple silhouettes with maximalist prints,
details, and patterns. Bold kitsch graphics, including palm trees, flowers, birds, abstract
figures, animal prints, and tropical designs.

-Conscious fashion: Buy less but better! Maaji’s designs offer two different looks in one
piece as well as 4ways meaning four different looks in one swimsuit. Maaji’s swimsuits offer
longevity, versatile pieces, and excellent quality. Multifunctionality in garments is what
keeps defining Maaji as a brand; you can wear their pieces in different ways.

-D-cups: Two D-cups will be available in each group for selected styles with altered
patterns for additional support, wider straps for comfort, and lace-up backs for

-Canva Accessories: Be aware of their new accessories on canvas! They all have
multipurpose use!

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