Laser Hair Removal Miami

Laser Hair Removal. Idealaser Cosmetic Center of Miami is a proud family business. We are a Laser Cosmetic Center and Cosmetic Center in Doral Miami area.
We are specialized in different types of beauty and Cosmetic laser treatments. We have a diverse range of lasers therapies include Laser Hair Removal, Laser tattoo Removal, Laser Skin Rejuvenation, Laser Treatments for Acne or any skin imperfections as wrinkles, saggy or dehydrated skin. We also specialize in body treatments like post operation lymphatic massages, Cavitation for fat reduction, Radio Frequency for cellulite or saggy skin, we offer medical and organic facials, regular facials, signature facials, deep facial or oxygen Facials. The last technology and True laser is always used and your satisfaction is guaranteed.
Hair removal is not for everyone, some people are not candidates for the Laser procedure, for example it does not work for white, red or blond hair since the target of the Laser is melanin (color) in the hair. The True laser is very safe since it can not see anything in our body only what has color (melanin). The ideal candidate for Laser is light skin with dark hair, but with machines so advanced most people can receive laser hair removal treatments with great results.
Laser hair removal is very effective especially in areas such as the armpits, face, bikini, legs, chest, back, chin, neck or any other area where hair has color.