Dr. Patel explains skin resurfacing using fractionated CO2 laser (CO2RE by Candela)

Fractional CO2 laser treatment is considered my many physicians to be the gold standard treatment when it comes to skin resurfacing. Fractional CO2 can be used to treat the following:
1. Photodamage and photoaging
2. Uneven skin texture
3. Acne scars
4. Surgical scars
5. Enlarged pores
6. Wrinkles
7. Skin laxity
Dr. Patel uses the CO2RE laser by Candela. He prefers this CO2 laser device over others because of its versatility and because of its ability to treat patients with low, medium, deep, and fusion settings which can be used to adjust downtime and optimize results in patients with different amounts of skin damage. For example, a younger patient with sundamage but no wrinkles could be treated with the lower settings. This younger patient may not have been a candidate for CO2 laser treatment using older less flexible CO2 laser systems. Patients with acne scars would need a more aggressive treatment and this laser allows them to be treated as well.