ACNE LASER TREATMENT , MIAMI : INSKIN At IN SKIN MIAMI facilities we offer you the most effective and latest beauty, acne, and antiaging treatments. We have programs that throughout oxygen, antioxidant infusions, elasticity, collagen, and hydration, aside from other skin care therapies, maintain and recuperate the beauty of your skin.
The Spectra Clear Intense Pulsed Light system provides acne clearance by producing a flash of light within a specific wavelength over the treatment area penetrating deeply into the skin to cause the destruction of acne bacteria and the inflammation of the acne lesions. The heat from the light opens the pores causing a chemical reaction to reduce inflammation for the acne lesions and speed up the healing process. Each treatment takes about 10 minutes. Multiple treatments are needed on average after 8 treatment sessions. Most programs require weekly treatments for 4 weeks, and then maintenance treatments can range from monthly to bimonthly.
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